Friday, December 7, 2007

Organic Life (2nd blog)

Another late nite at work, by the time it is done, very hungry already...sis decided we will have organic meal.... We do not wan fruit juice, but there is no soya milk in the menu, lady boss is nice to offer to make some for us though...

Soya Milk RM2.50

Both of us love tauhu, soya we order a spicy is cook with dried chilies, lily bulb, and capsicum. It is spicy...and taste good....gone in few minutes....

Spicy Beancurd RM10.00

Not enough of beancurd we ordered a Sawadee Beancurd...taste like tom yam...sourish....

Sawadee Beancurd RM6.90

I'm starving and beancurd is not a proper meal...I decided to order wheat bread roll. It is wheat bread wrapping, veges like carrots, lettuce, cabbages.....nice...but careful when u eat it, coz it have a toothpick tat is holding the shape of the roll.

Wheat Bread Roll RM6.90

We also ordered a Vietnamese Spring Rolls, nice...the filling is like the bread roll but they put basil also....the sauce that go with it, is is made of black vinegar and peanut sauce..taste funny at 1st, but for me, I think it is appetizing...

Vietnamese Spring Rolls RM5.90

Sis ordered her favourite salad is japanese beancurd skin stuffs with loads of vege, like alfafa, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, and she ask the boss not to include the "meehoon" goes well with the sauce...which made of pineapple...she juz mixed it all with the sauce and eat it.

Salad Pocket RM5.90

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