Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sit a Spell Cafe ----> Dataran Sunway

A quick dinner before movie.....we planned to try a different cafe.....(usually we visit the same cafe 2 times a week)....the nearest next door cafe would be Sit a Spell......

SB settled with a Lemon ice blended, she say taste like lemon with water....not to her liking.

Lemon ice blended

Sis ordered a honey milk...taste like lychee drink though...not too bad

Honey Milk

Looking through the menu, me and SB decided to order the Spaghetti Cabonara....I request to change to penne, but they say only spaghetti cannot change. It comes with turkey ham and mushroom....it is nice.....and the portion is not too much, as it would make you feel "jelak" when u had too much of the creamy sauce....

Spaghetti Cabonara

As usual....forever dieting sister order a dozen of cheese baked mussels....but dunno why half a dozen mussel only have 5...very garlicky cheesy taste.....

Cheese Baked Mussels

As usual, I must end my meal with something sweet, so I ops for Green Tea Tiramisu...nice...soft creamy fillings....and a green taste.....satisfying..

Green Tea Tiramisu (RM7.50)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Organic Life (2nd blog)

Another late nite at work, by the time it is done, very hungry already...sis decided we will have organic meal.... We do not wan fruit juice, but there is no soya milk in the menu, lady boss is nice to offer to make some for us though...

Soya Milk RM2.50

Both of us love tauhu, soya milk....soy product....so we order a spicy beancurd..it is cook with dried chilies, lily bulb, and capsicum. It is spicy...and taste good....gone in few minutes....

Spicy Beancurd RM10.00

Not enough of beancurd ...so we ordered a Sawadee Beancurd...taste like tom yam...sourish....

Sawadee Beancurd RM6.90

I'm starving and beancurd is not a proper meal...I decided to order wheat bread roll. It is wheat bread wrapping, veges like carrots, lettuce, cabbages.....nice...but careful when u eat it, coz it have a toothpick tat is holding the shape of the roll.

Wheat Bread Roll RM6.90

We also ordered a Vietnamese Spring Rolls, nice...the filling is like the bread roll but they put basil also....the sauce that go with it, is nice...it is made of black vinegar and peanut sauce..taste funny at 1st, but for me, I think it is appetizing...

Vietnamese Spring Rolls RM5.90

Sis ordered her favourite salad pocket....it is japanese beancurd skin stuffs with loads of vege, like alfafa, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, and she ask the boss not to include the "meehoon"...it goes well with the sauce...which made of pineapple...she juz mixed it all with the sauce and eat it.

Salad Pocket RM5.90

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spices of Asia ----> TTDI (Monday Lunch)

Where for lunch? Max asked he heard we went to Spices of Asia last week, and it was good...so he wanna give it a try also.... so off we went....

Going for the set lunch...RM6, with 10% service charge = RM6.60. Max decided to go for Nasi Phahrik Chicken, which is on the blog last week (for pic).

D ordered a Phah Thai Meehoon, he say it taste ok....

Phah Thai Meehoon
I ordered a Fried Kuay Teow....a little wet, and oily....still ok...with shrimp and chicken.......

Friday, November 16, 2007

Spices of Asia ---> TTDI

Lunch time................where to go leh??? Same headache same time.....D suggest we try out the "new " shop... instead of the daily usual shops we goes to.

The shop have a set lunch package which is only RM6.00 per set, that comes with a sirap. D decided to try it...he ordered a Mee Bandung...taste good....the gravy taste like chilies crab gravy...yum yum

Mee Bandung RM6.00

I decided to go for Pataya BBQ Chicken, and order a white rice (RM1.00) to go with it. The chicken is crispy and sweet on the skin....taste pretty good. The chicken dun come with any sauce, so I ask for sambal belacan....sorry...cant do without chilies. The sambal belacan color look rather turn off but the taste is good...spicy...

Pataya BBQ Chicken RM 9.80

Sambal Belacan

Yogie and Average Bloke decided to go for the set lunch Phadprik Chicken, but they do not wan the sirap, and ordered an orange juice instead. Yogie say it is good and very authentic.....

Phadprik Chicken RM6.00

The boss ask if we would like some dessert....suppose to order waterchestnut dessert, but boss say "tak ada nangka, yang suppose to be in the dessert", so we ordered the Sago Gula Melaka instead. The dessert is good, except that the sago kinda stick together and make it clumpy...but the gula melaka is fragrant and the thick coconut milk which makes it taste rich...but then I find it too sweet, so we asked for ice to dilluted it a little....

Sago Gula Melaka RM2.00

We will be back to check out other dishes on the menu another day.....how to go there?? The map as below. Note: they are close on Sunday.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dinner at hawker center ---> Dataran Sunway@PJ

We have decided tat it is time to go hawker center instead of some restaurant...and was telling D that near my place have quite a few, and one of the shop sells BBQ poultry (烧腊)。D likes it, so the 1st stop of the nite......is Restaurant Voon BBQ.

We ordered a 2 person servings of mixed BBQ meat which consist the char siew (叉烧), siew yoke (烧肉), and roast duck (烧鸭). Just love it, the char siew is crispy on the side and the sauce is sweet, and the siew yoke and roast duck skin is as crispy as well. I like the rice, it is not clumpy, but cook to perfection...yummy.....

Mixed BBQ RM18.00

We hit the next spot which is nearby for a second round.....I went to Shilin last weekend, tried the XXL chicken, not so nice...so me and D decided to hit the Uncle Bob stall for some fried chicken.

We order 2 pieces (too greedy) of chicken, spicy flavor...they have original one as well. But the chilies wasnt enuff, so didnt taste too spicy....

Per piece is RM4.80

We decided to to get a place to sit and continue our "tasting" session. Too many choices to choose from.

Average bloke order "loh bak" for us....not bad...especially our favourite is the Taiwanese sausage. The rest was ok....

The sauce for "loh bak", kinda sticky but dilluted, and sweet. Not really to my liking.

D decided to go for Hokkien Mee, look nice, and he say taste nice too.......

Hokkien Mee RM 5.00

Average Bloke say he feel like having Mee Rebus, but turns out not so nice as the sauce is dilluted and D say the sauce taste weird also......

We are not done for the nite though....we went for "tea". But we will blog about that place next time......

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dim sum ---> Sri Petaling

I woke up early on a Sunday morning feeling very hungry.....

Since I got nothing much to do, so I decided to drop by one of the Dim Sum shop near my house. This shop is located along Jalan Radin Anum in front of the fishing pond.

This is a picture of the guy bringing some goodies to my table. Look at all the fried stuff he brought.

This is the shop specialty, glutinous chicken rice cook inside a pau. Personally this dish taste pretty normal, but its the uniqueness that counts.

The plates of dim sum ordered. Enjoy.

Lastly this plate of chee cheong fun is cook in hong kong style. Not bad for a Sunday morning breakfast.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Join Yummy steamboat ---> Sri Petaling

Its been a long since we had steamboat, so we decided to drop in a steamboat restaurant for dinner.

Here is the front view of the shop.

This is the menu and it has the shop address on it as well. Feel free to drop in.

Heh, this picture was taken after I put some of the ingredients in the soup.

In this shop, there are 4 types of soup you can choose from, I choose tom yam and chicken soup. And there are also 4-6 types of different sauce to choose as well. You can take as much as you want.

Here are some of the other ingredients that wasn't in the picture above.

Noodles and eggs that usually comes with steamboat. Anyway this meal was fantastic as I was starving at that time. And it doesn't cost a lot. There is a 'la carte or buffet option and a 'la carte cost 12.90 per person and buffet cost 14.90 per person.