Friday, November 16, 2007

Spices of Asia ---> TTDI

Lunch time................where to go leh??? Same headache same time.....D suggest we try out the "new " shop... instead of the daily usual shops we goes to.

The shop have a set lunch package which is only RM6.00 per set, that comes with a sirap. D decided to try it...he ordered a Mee Bandung...taste good....the gravy taste like chilies crab gravy...yum yum

Mee Bandung RM6.00

I decided to go for Pataya BBQ Chicken, and order a white rice (RM1.00) to go with it. The chicken is crispy and sweet on the skin....taste pretty good. The chicken dun come with any sauce, so I ask for sambal belacan....sorry...cant do without chilies. The sambal belacan color look rather turn off but the taste is good...spicy...

Pataya BBQ Chicken RM 9.80

Sambal Belacan

Yogie and Average Bloke decided to go for the set lunch Phadprik Chicken, but they do not wan the sirap, and ordered an orange juice instead. Yogie say it is good and very authentic.....

Phadprik Chicken RM6.00

The boss ask if we would like some dessert....suppose to order waterchestnut dessert, but boss say "tak ada nangka, yang suppose to be in the dessert", so we ordered the Sago Gula Melaka instead. The dessert is good, except that the sago kinda stick together and make it clumpy...but the gula melaka is fragrant and the thick coconut milk which makes it taste rich...but then I find it too sweet, so we asked for ice to dilluted it a little....

Sago Gula Melaka RM2.00

We will be back to check out other dishes on the menu another to go there?? The map as below. Note: they are close on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Restoran ni dah jual kepada abang tukang masak restoran ni..Pemilik asal adalah seorang "DATIN"..Renovation kedai tu je 200k...alasan di jual sebab tidak mempunyai masa untuk menguruskan restoran tersebut kerana sibuk dengan projek lain..Attitude???