Monday, November 5, 2007

~ Bangkok food escapade ~ part 1

Well well how do we start...ok there's lots of food that has been consume on my past 4days trip in Bangkok Thailand but I only got pictures of 50% of them only.

First meal when we touch down at Bangkok
Seafood fried rice - The fragrant rice combined with the fresh seafood with a hint of lime juice fantastic!

Black Pepper Seafood with rice - Generous serving of sotong, prawns and onion fried with black pepper sauce. Very nice, especially the prawns are just well done not too 'cook'.

Next food stop was Chatuchak Market or also known as JJ by the local. Food stalls there are humungous. Too bad I didn't get any picture. Only thing I tried there are the pork balls, coconut water, coconut water and more coconut water... the weather was freaking hot ok?

The other thing that i tried there was Fried Chicken ala Thai
Thai style fried chicken - This is good stuff, tender fried chicken with thai sauce. And also some sort of sausage, don't really know what is it but taste good thou :)
Served with sticky rice
And papaya salad, fresh papaya marinated with lime juice and fish sauce, served with roasted peanut and tomatoes.

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