Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fish porridge ---> Sri Petaling (Lucky restaurant)

Food' glorious food.
These lines in my head appearing in my head while I am doing my Saturday morning walk. After walking for about an hour feeling refresh, we drop by to Lucky restaurant for breakfast.

So we decided to order porridge for breakfast.

These are the utensils given if you order a pot of porridge from the stall.

And these is the pot of fresh fish porridge for 2 people. Hmmmm, its one of the best porridge around town. Sometimes the queue is so long, you have to wait 30 mins to be serve. Besides fish, you can also order frog, crab and lala too. This is really worth the wait. This cost RM8 per person.

To make the meal complete, we ordered a plate of yam cake from a different stall. The taste is good but it is a bit soft. This only cost 1.50.

For those who want to eat here, just go to Sri Petaling and this Lucky restaurant is opposite The Store car park area.

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