Saturday, November 10, 2007

Join Yummy steamboat ---> Sri Petaling

Its been a long since we had steamboat, so we decided to drop in a steamboat restaurant for dinner.

Here is the front view of the shop.

This is the menu and it has the shop address on it as well. Feel free to drop in.

Heh, this picture was taken after I put some of the ingredients in the soup.

In this shop, there are 4 types of soup you can choose from, I choose tom yam and chicken soup. And there are also 4-6 types of different sauce to choose as well. You can take as much as you want.

Here are some of the other ingredients that wasn't in the picture above.

Noodles and eggs that usually comes with steamboat. Anyway this meal was fantastic as I was starving at that time. And it doesn't cost a lot. There is a 'la carte or buffet option and a 'la carte cost 12.90 per person and buffet cost 14.90 per person.

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