Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chicken Rice ---> TTDI

Today we decided to go for chicken rice, and the one behind VADS building is the nearest for us. Surprisingly at 12.15pm, it is still not too crowded.

We have decided to order the same set, which consist of the chicken, wan ton soup and a rice.

The food come rather fast as there isnt many customer yet. we were served the wan ton soup, about 5 pieces of it. The prawns is fresh, and crunchy, but I find the soup rather oily, and the vegetables not that fresh, as the edges of the leaves is turning yellowish.

The guys ordered breast meat, and I opts for drumstick. The chicken bathe in a thick sauce which consist of oyster sauce, instead of normal soya sauce that most chicken rice stalls offer. The sauce goes well with the chicken and rice though.

The rice portion is consider small, so the guys ended up ordering for a "top-up". The whole meal comes up to Rm7.50 each, for mine which is drumstick meat without drink, and for the guys with a ice chinese tea.

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'D' said...

The review very good. Thumbs up!