Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hot pepper soup ---> Serdang town

After visiting my grandmother from the hospital, I decided to drop by for some pepper soup. This shop is located nearby to South City plaza. Just a notice to our friends, this is a non-halal restaurant.

This is the main delicacy, the soup is made out of white pepper, black pepper, pepper powder and etc. The ingredients will be pig intestines, pig stomach, mushrooms and pork meat. The soup is great and you can just drink it on its own, and the best part is that you can refill it.

Next we have the fried taufu. This is the shop specialty too. It looks great and tasty as well.

This is a plate of vegetables we ordered.

Lastly we also have the dish called "Fah Tui" chicken. I dont really know what it means but the black sauce cooks together with the chicken it simply delicious.

The whole meal cost me up to 60 ++ for 4 people. Personally I think the price is reasonable as most people will just come and enjoy the food.

Below is the front view of the restaurant. Those of you interested can look for it through this website too

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