Monday, October 8, 2007

Is Din Tai Fung Worth The Visit? ----> MidValley

Touted as one of the world's Top Ten Best Restaurants by The New York Times, Din Tai Fung originated in Taiwan and has a history dating back to over 30 years. Aside from Singapore, it has also grabbed footholds in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, South Korea, the USA and recently Malaysia.

So does the Restaurant really worth all the hype about it? Two of my friends and I decided to check it out at the newly opened outlet at The Gardens (MidValley's New Wing).

Steam Pork Dumplings RM: 11.00

Ah....The Steam Pork Dumplings (Aka Xiao Long Bao) is the Restaurant's signature dish. Naturally my friends and I have to give it a try. Very delicate outer dumpling skin with minced pork wrapped inside. One bite at it, and out comes the piping hot soup! Indeed a signature dish that makes Din Tai Fung such a stand out among Restaurant in terms of making Pork Dumplings!

Layer Cake RM: 7.00

Besides the famous Steam Pork Dumplings, one other side order of note is the Layer Cake. Layers of bread-like-cake with light sweet taste and red beans in between, the Layer Cake is one such side order that will definitely whet your appetite!

Cha Jiang "La Mian/Noodles" RM: 12.00

Besides being famous for their Steam Pork Dumplings, Din Tai Fung is also famous for their hand-made "La Mian/noodles". My friends and I decided to go for the Cha Jiang Mian which is "La Mian" topped with minced meat and peas with Din Tai Fung's special sauce. But unfortunately, eventhough the noodles are rather smooth, the sauce tastes strange and does not really goes well with the minced meat and peas.

Chicken Chop "La Mian/Noodles" RM: 14.00

Besides ordering the Cha Jiang Noodles, my friends and I had a go at the Chicken Chop Noodles as well and it is certainly a better dish than the Che Jiang Noodles due to the crispy fried chicken with smooth noodles in soup. In my opinion, it is best not to put the crispy fried chicken into the soup as only then you will be able to taste the 5 aroma spices most probably used to marinate the chicken before frying it.

In conclusion, does the Restaurant really worth a visit? In my opinion, if you have never been there before, it is worth a try. But personally, I prefered heavy-flavoured and spicy food than the mildly-flavoured and mostly steamed dishes at Din Tai Fung; therefore I feel that it will be quite sometime that I may actually pay them a visit again or maybe none at all.

Rating: 3

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