Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wing Heong ---> Serdang town

This shop is located in Serdang town along the mail road. My family decided to drop by this restaurant after coming back from visiting my grandmother in hospital.

First, lets introduce the shop main dish. They are famous for their Assam Fish. Notice how the fish is swimming with assam gravy. The taste is just great. But too bad it has a lot of bones as it is kampung fish.

Then we order a plate of stem and roast chicken with some char siew. This shop has a chicken rice store which is visited by the locals a lot. When we reach there was a long line waiting to be order.

We also order some soup along to drink. This is watercrest soup. The soup is good and it has some nice ingredients like chicken feet and mini oyster.

Next we order a bean sprout dish.

This is the front view of the shop.

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