Saturday, October 13, 2007

Seafood Claypot Loh Shu Fun ----> Sri Petaling

On Saturday before heading off to visit my grandma in the hospital. Emily and me decided to stop by the famous Restaurant Alison for lunch. Heard from my friend that the owner of the restaurant stay in a big bungalow near to Taman Desa off Old Klang road.

Anyway, I order a Tom Yam seafood hor fan in one of the stalls. Its looks good with prawns, fish paste,sotong and lala. But the soup is kinda spicy. This only cost RM 4.

Next we ordered the Seafood claypot loo see fun. This stall came out in the "1 day 5 meals" show. If you can notice there is a picture in front of the stall with Chui Ling and the stall owners. The noodles is just great and it only charge RM 4.

Front view of the restaurant Alison.

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