Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hari Raya -----> Wan's House, Shah Alam

Last Saturday we went to Wan's wonderful new house for Hari Raya. Me, Fitri, Robert, Yoges, Bahiyah, and Maisa (the Affin guy) were there! The food was great. Plenty of biskut raya to choose from and good food served at the table! Main dishes includes Nasi Tomato and Nasi Himpit served with Kuah Kacang.

According to Wan's mom, this Nasi Tomato is freshly made just for us, straight from the kitchen. The rice is fluffy with bits of sweet raisins inside.

This is the Ayam Masak Merah and they are soo yummy!

This is the Dalca, which always served with Nasi Tomato.

This is Acar. It has sliced cucumber, carrots, onions and red chillies in a vinegar mix.

Nasi Himpit, also known as 'rice cakes'.

The Kuah Kacang gravy. Usually served with satay. For Hari Raya, this Kuah Kacang is usually served with Nasi Himpit. Robert even had this as the gravy for his Nasi Tomato!

Chocolate cake for dessert. Bahiyah said this is so sedap!

Who's that?? Oh yeah that's Maisa's girlfriend.


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Ken said...

Food looks great, too bad I miss out. Nvm, there is still next year.