Monday, October 8, 2007

Kozee Cafe & Restaurant ----> TTDI

Italian Soda Mango RM6.50

Italian Soda mango flavoured with a dash of cream. Not bad but not much of mango flavour, kinda like flavoured soda drink.

Ice Lemon Ribena RM3.50

Ribena with a tinge of lemon....refreshing...not too for me, juz nice....

Fish Paste Meehon RM8.90

Fish paste noodle soup taste great, it has a lot of small pieces of fish paste and the soup is not too salty. But it does lack ingredients. Pretty plain soup with fish paste, meehoon, some veg and soup.

Kozee Yin Yang Fried rice RM11.90

Ok not bad, with prawns on the white sauce and chicken or fish(not very sure) on the red sauce. Like the red sauce better tomoatoish, the white sauce tends to be more "creamy"...Anyway give it a 3 ouf of 5 :)

Fried MeeHoon RM8.90

The meehoon texture is juz nice for me, not too soggy. It was fried with dried shrimp, so it is very tasty for the gravy. The peas is crispy...but the fish cake is slightly on the hard side...but overall it is nice...

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