Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri ----> Dengkil R&R

My sisters and I were on our journey to Seremban when I decided to make a pit stop at the Dengkil Rest Stop along the North South Expressway. Parking my car, guess what is right in front of me?

Yup, Haji Samuri's famous Kajang Sate. My mind went to the sate party we had in our office a few weeks ago. That was a true sate party! :) Coming back to my adventure.

For those who have yet to hear about Haji Samuri's sate, trust me, find time to give it a try. Google it and you are sure to find one near you. Before we move on, let me aware you that the pics can be very mouth watering, don't drool on your keyboard.. :)

The juicy huge chunks of chicken sate. Need I say more?

The price as you can see on the picture looks pretty steep for the average sate but trust me it is worth it.

Total Damage: RM18.00 for 30 sticks of Chicken Sate

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Gopi said...

The pictures did not show during my opening the site. Could have been my connections. Waiting to see if it was really worth the wait.
I recently had crocodile and tortoise but missed out on monkey as i couldn't stomach it yet.