Friday, October 5, 2007

Ramadan Bazaar Food Hunt ----> TTDI

Guess what happens when you let loose 2 Hungry Foodies at the Ramadan Bazaar at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail?

They return with a whole load of food!! (And YES.. it was finished in moments..) :)

Our hungry stomachs were calling for a bit of food. Hence leading Kenneth and I on a short walk to the Ramadan Bazaar which is a short walk from the office. It was not that crowded as it was still quite early.

Now coming to the food:

Popiah Madu POWER (Honey Coated Popiah)
We got this Honey coated popiah from the Popiah Power store. They have 2 choices, either the Popiah Basah (Wet Popiah) or Popiah Garing (Crispy Copiah). It comes in a reasonable price of RM3 for a set of 3 popiahs.

Kuih Bakar (Burnt Kuih)
Now comes Audrey's favorite. We got this piece of Kuih Bakar bought from an uncle selling of his motorcycle. The uncle is friendly as every time I buy from him, you can choose to have the most garing (crispy) piece. It costs Rm 3 per piece too.

Onde-Onde (Translation unknown)
Flour batter, mixed well and made into round balls then stuffed with a small chunk of Gula Melaka and dropped into a pot of boiling water. I remember mom telling me "When it is sinking, its not cooked, when a float time to take it out." Straight out of the boiling pot into a plate with grated coconut for its exterior look. :) Simply delicious!
Price: RM1 for 5 pieces

Kuih Lapis (Layer Cake)
A traditional Nyonya delicacy. Honestly this was not the best kuih lapis we have tasted. It just tastes like sirap water made into kuih lapis. It usually has 9 layers and when it comes to eating.. Nothing beats pealing it of layer by layer and letting it melt in your mouth.

Kuih Ketayap (Translation unknown)
A cousin of the Onde-Onde. This is a must have for all the sweet tooth lovers.. :) Imagine this.. Thin flour batter, ample of Gula Melaka (brown sugar) and grated coconut. Mouth watering! :D

Roti John (John's Bread)
I have no idea why this is called Roti John.. Maybe it was invented by someone named John.. Hmmm.. Something to ponder about.. Well.. in general this is a long loaf of bread sliced in half and sandwiched with a mix of egg and a choice of beef or chicken. Not forgetting a dash of chilli sauce, mayonnaise and slices cucumber.

Hari Raya is at end of the week already. So, all food hunters, this is the last week you will have to catch your part of the Ramadan Bazaar food fiesta.

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