Friday, October 5, 2007

Waffle world ---> 1Utama

Emily and me head to Waffle world for dinner before the Resident Evil movie. There was a branch nearby my place previously but it was close down.
Anyway since I wasn't hungry after eating those pasar ramadhan snacks, I took something light.

So we order a Ice cappuccino that cost RM6.00. Its really nothing, just a simple drink.

Next I took the Strawberry Belgian waffle. This was good, it has some strawberries together with ice cream on top to make the taste delightful. This cost RM6.90

Emily had the Grilled fish on creamy sauce which was not bad. There were a few slices of grilled fish cook together with spaghetti. The sauce taste more like cheese and the vegetables are just there to complete the meal. Overall this dish is not so good as the spaghetti is not fully cook. This dish cost RM16.90

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