Friday, October 26, 2007

Sukico Hainan Cafe ---> Damansara Utama

Today lunch went with HL, so we decided to come to the kopitiam style cafe. Looking thru the menu, it is selling very Hainanese food. Can even find the Hainanese curry rice.

Hainam Cham

HL settle with a coffee like drink call Hainam Cha. According to the lady, it is coffee mixed with a small amount of tea...look like kopi ice though...

Asam Lime

I ordered a asam lime drink (吉子酸梅)...... taste juz nice for me.....I like sourish stuffs....hehe

Roti Babi

Looking at the menu, something caught my eyes.."Roti Babi", sorry geng...this place not halal is bread stuffs with mince meat, coated with egg and fried....a little oily...the meat taste like bolognise sphagetthi mice meat...taste ok.....

Ribs noodles

We decided to share the bread and order another main dish to we decided on "Ribs noodle" (排骨面). The noodle taste like yee mee, but think the meat didnt marinate well, coz it taste very "pork" (if u know what i mean). Overall it is ok.....I prefer the Ribs noodle at another shop in DU more.
Kaya Bun

Not satisfied, and the kaya toast on the wall seem more appetizing, hence I decided to order taste good...the bread is lightly toast and the edge is slightly crunchy. The butter melted and taste great with the kaya..slight saltiness of butter with the sweetness of kaya....

The toast save the day.........the whole lunch come bout RM22 or so. Sorry hoh...old shop no I can give the price of each item....short memory...

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'D' said...

Roti Babi. Yummy!