Monday, October 29, 2007

Kim Cafe ---> Indrapura Kulai @Johor

I miss the tofu in breakfast will be yoong tau fu....went with my family....but no picture hoh...think mum & dad is not very comfy with me taking picture of their only took mine...
Nasi Lemak

I decided to have Nasi long didnt have it already...It taste nice as the rice have the smell of the banana leaves with rich amount of santan (coconut milk) and the rice is cook juz nice, not sticky and each grain is on its own.

Yoong tau fu per piece RM1.20

Sometimes which is a must for me here is the yoong tau fu. Kulai's tau fu is made from well water, so it is sweet and soft.. a must have..other than the tau fu in Kulai, I seldom takes tau fu from other places. Since Sis is not getting anything on carbo (as usual) , we ordered about 10 pieces of yoong tau fu..the amount of meat in the tau fu is juz nice...not too little...soft soft tau fu...

Beancurd skin & gingko dessert (腐竹白果) RM2.50

No coffee, or tea....another favorite here is the beancurd skin & gingko dessert (腐竹白果). Not too sweet, soft beancurd skin, and the shop is not stingy with the gingko...quite a few....nice nice...

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