Monday, October 29, 2007

Yuen's Steamboat ---> Sunway @ PJ

Suppose to go to Puchong for the Shabu Shabu, but Average Bloke say he have tried and he dun fancy it. So changed of plan, went to Yuen's Steamboat instead. All three floors fully occupied, Bertz and Average Bloke went and queue for a seat earlier.

Abundant of choices, good thing is that they keep on replenish the food.

Waiting 15min in advance for the chicken wings to arrive...

When the chicken wings arrive, please view the video above. This is what they practically means Gone in 30 Seconds 0_o"
The legendary chicken wings. People are willing to kill for this.

1 comment:

FoodLover said...

The chicken wing taste like steam chicken wing which is dip in dark soya sauce then bbq for a it is not crispy like normal bbq chicken wing....not worth the fight...rather wait till 9+pm when the crowd is less then can get a few to try...